Ice bath challenge

Ice bath

Let’s talk about some lighter stuff, I have to do an ICE BATH!! If you haven’t seen the episode I did with Nathan you can watch it here Nathan is a professional downhill mountain bike racer and a couple of years ago we raced up a really steep road, Nathan on his MTB, me on Fuji. Foolishly, I thought I might be able to beat him, and agreed that if I lost, I would do an ice bath wearing a pink bikini, I lost 😭 


I’ve managed to avoid doing it up until now, each time he’d remind me I’d somehow wriggle my way out of it, but not this time, I have to do it, and it scares me!! And I’ll tell you why, years ago I was sitting in a natural hot spring in NZ, by the river, it’s a secret spot only locals know about. It was a cold day and the river was full of snow melt, I was overheating because the hot spring was so, well, hot, and decided to jump in the river to cool myself off, wrong idea! My body went into shock and I freaked myself out! So, I’m really scared to do this ice bath, but I will do it, because how can I preach overcoming your fears if I’m afraid to overcome mine? It will be entertaining at least, and we’re going to film it yikes! Watch this space.